Incredible effort in Luton by Go Dharmic volunteers to support over 1000 people and 200 families of school children in Luton. The kits contained: Bagels, cereal, pasta, pasta sauce, biscuits, healthy snacks, salt, noodles and tea bags, bread, fresh fruit and veg. We will now also be working with Costco to help reduce waste. Reports state that upto 46% of families with children in Luton are facing some form of food poverty. As one of the lowest income regions in the South East, I believe it can will be a real example of how we can eradicate food poverty and make it a hunger free zone by working together. It is so heartwarming that teachers from the The Shared Learning Trust schools are giving up their weekends and donating towards supporting their students and their parents. This is love, compassion and dharma in action. #hungerfreeluton #godharmic

Posted by Hanuman Dass at 2021-01-10 10:21:21 UTC