“Although I went through a major personal transformation, this is not right for everyone, nor is it necessary. Take your life exactly as it is in this moment. It is a fallacy to think that you're going to get closer to God by changing the form of your life, by leaving your partner or changing your job, or moving or whatever.... by giving up your material possessions or growing your hair, or cutting off your hair, or growing a beard.... It is not the form. It is the nature of the being that fulfils the form. If you're a lawyer you can continue being a lawyer. Just use being a lawyer as a way of coming to God. One form is not necessarily more spiritual than another. In working on the nature of your being, quieting the mind and opening the heart are essential to developing a spiritual consciousness … If you follow your heart there is nothing to fear. As long as your actions are based on your pure seeking for God, you are safe. And any time you are unsure or frightened about your situation, there’s a beautiful and very powerful mantra: “The power of God is within me. The grace of God surrounds me,” which you can repeat to yourself. It will protect you. Experience the power of it, it’s like a solid steel shaft that goes from above through the top of your head down to the base of your being. Grace will surround you like a force field. Through an open heart one hears the universe.” Ram Dass, Grist for the Mill.

Posted by Dharam Dass at 2020-12-27 18:14:04 UTC