I want to share a story today about what happened and how grateful I am to be part of such a loving team. We arrived at our usual time and were giving out food. One of our volunteers spotted two little girls who were alone. We took them into a near by shop and called the police. The shop gave the two little girls colouring pens, a book and toys whilst we waited for the police. The girls were 5 and 3... By the time the police had arrived we had found out that both girls were left in a car alone asleep and had let themselves out and walked into the middle of the town centre alone-anything could have happened to them. An hour had passed and we were entertaining the girls and working with the police to find out where they had come from... whilst retracing their steps back to the car with the police and our volunteers, both mum and dad arrived causally asking if they had done something wrong... they were both taken to the police station. I am so proud of the team tonight who showed love and compassion yet still remained so measured given the difficult circumstances. This is US, this is what we stand for, LOVE for all beings. Well done tonight team for not only helping with the meals but for also ensuring both Maya and her sister were safe and felt loved. I love you all x @⁨Meeta⁩ @⁨Priti T⁩ @⁨Nikhil Go Dharmic⁩ and Eshan. Incredible.

Posted by Arti at 2020-11-09 20:57:49 UTC