Hi All, As part of our continued effort to grow awareness for the challenges facing the environment. Our GD News & social media and app team will be sharing an article or a post every day which promotes awareness about the environment. This could be promoting the protection of wild life biodiversity, climate change, pollution, food waste, and so much more. I would really appreciate if each of you can comment and share these important messages. GD is a perfect platform to be a voice for our environment and supporting other great individuals and voices will be a key focus for us. Barry, one of our longest standing members suggested that we call the GD collection of environmental campaigns, 'Go Green'. Last year Barry scaled the Mount Everest to do a marathon and a group of us also cycled the salt ride in December. Each of these efforts where to highlight and voice our concerns for the environment. Our 'give it a grow campaign' will be the first functional campaign accessible from our app soon and I nominate each of you to plant a tree and post a picture on via the app! Love, Hemal

Posted by Hanuman Dass at 2020-11-06 14:45:46 UTC