We are very excited to announce our upcoming event- JIYA. Festival de India What will be an amazing online event, showcasing some of the most talented dancers and artists, whilst raising money for Go Dharmic Causes. All money raised will go straight towards providing meals for families in rural Indian villages. Many of them have been unable to work due to the pandemic, and have been struggling to feed their families. We hope to see you all in attendance, for what looks to be a beautiful showcase of talentšŸ§” Tickets can be purchased through this link: https://insider.in/jiya-festival-da-india-2020-nov7-2020/event #jiya #festival #virtualevents #dance #music #artist #indiandance #india #helpingothers #fundraisingforacause #godharmic

Posted by Go Dharmic at 2020-10-20 11:37:11 UTC