In a powerful display of unity, we gathered with Rabais, Imams, priests, pujaris, and peace advocates from many faiths. Standing at the statue of Robert Clive, a figure tied to colonialism's legacy, we shared a profound silence, offering prayers steeped in love for our environment and a heartfelt plea for an end to the suffering endured by the innocent. The weight of history weighed heavily on my mind, evoking deep emotions about the injustices inflicted upon fellow humans, especially in India. As we observed Interfaith Week, it became a poignant opportunity to bridge differences, unite in our shared humanity, and fervently pray for peace, especially for those in conflict in Palestine and Israel. We pray for an end to violence that plagues our world. We need to work to make peace with nature instead of killing each other. Let's use our voices and platforms together to uphold the spirit of unity, understanding, and compassion, transcending boundaries and fostering peace across the globe and restoring our only home from the climate impact we have caused. #InterFaithWeek #UnityInDiversity #PrayForPeace

Posted by Hanuman Dass at 2023-11-17 23:03:53 UTC