🪔 Donate Thali for Diwali and Light Lives with Compassion! 🎉 This Diwali, let's come together in the spirit of giving. @Go Dharmic is excited to host special food distributions for the less fortunate in Ahmedabad during the week of Diwali, from the 8th to the 15th. 🙏Diwali holds a profound significance that goes beyond the fireworks and festivities. It symbolises the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil, and the return of Rama, Sita, and Lakshman to Ayodhya after their long exile. 🙌 This year, we invite you to spread the warmth of compassion and help us provide delicious vegetarian meals and sweets. This is more than a gesture of kindness, it is a symbol of hope for a brighter and more auspicious future for all of us! 🍚For just 150 rupees, you can sponsor a complete vegetarian meal with sweets for a struggling adult. 🍛A generous donation of 1500 rupees can feed 10 people this Diwali, multiplying the joy and blessings. 🕊Every rupee counts, and any amount you can donate will bring smiles and happiness to those in need this Diwali! Join us in this act of seva and make a difference in the lives of our fellow community members. 🧡DONATE THALI FOR DIWALI🧡 Donate in india :- https://pages.razorpay.com/godharmic Donate in uk :-https://godharmic.enthuse.com/donate/#!/ Email:- Mahendra@godharmic.com Contact:- +91-7987278808 @Savan | GD Northampton @Martand Dass @Bodhi_jeevatma @poorvianand @shuchitrainer888 @Bhishma Dass(Debabrata) @Martand Dass @Unnati #loveallfeedallserveall

Posted by Mahadev dass at 2023-11-04 14:36:30 UTC