💙 Help Maui Fire Affected People with Go Dharmic Foundation 💙 In the wake of the devastating fires that have swept through Maui, our hearts are heavy, but our spirits remain strong! It's in times like these that we come together as a community and lend a helping hand to those in need. godharmic foundation dedicated to providing support and assistance to those affected by natural disasters. Godharmic Foundation is committed to ensuring that fire-affected families receive the aid they need to rebuild their lives and find solace during this difficult time. 🤝 How Can You Help? 1️⃣ Donate Generously: Your contribution, big or small, will directly go towards providing immediate relief to families affected by the fires. 2️⃣ Volunteer: If you're residing in Maui and want to lend a helping hand, join us as a volunteer to assist in various relief efforts. 3️⃣ Share Awareness: Spread the word about our initiative and the Godharmic Foundation on your social networks, encouraging others to contribute and support the cause. 🙌 Together, with the Godharmic Foundation, we can make a real difference and bring a ray of hope to those affected by the fires. Every act of kindness counts, and every effort matters! Donation:-https://lnkd.in/dXE8ffzh Volunteer with godharmic email:- volunteer@godharmic.com Visit :- www.godharmic.com

Posted by Mahadev dass at 2023-08-13 12:04:45 UTC