“Just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean it isn’t so.” Lemony Snicket During this uncertain time, we know that the levels of anxiety, fear, isolation, social distancing and restrictions, uncertainty and emotional distress experienced have become widespread as the world struggles to bring the virus under control and to find solutions. Meditation, yoga and mindfulness can be a huge relief for those who are experiencing any of the stresses of mental health. For support, education and advice, World Health Organization (WHO) are hosting The Big Event For Mental Health. Check out the link to find out how to attend: https://www.who.int/news-room/events/detail/2020/10/10/default-calendar/the-big-event-for-mental-health #worldmentalhealthday #theworldhealthorganization #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters #love #family #friends #godharmic

Posted by Nikita | Go Dharmic at 2020-10-10 08:52:49 UTC