"THE BEST FORM TO SEE GOD IN IS IN EVERY FORM" NEEM KAROLI BABA Here's the glimpse from Sunday seva at Hanumansetu lucknow. šŸ’« By Maharajji's grace we served over 300 freshly cooked meals.āœØ We thankyou all for who helped us to raise fund for this #sundayseva šŸ™ Thankyou @godharmic For this amazing opportunity to feed all serve all āœØ Thankyou to our volunteers who were selflessly helping to feed everyone šŸ’« @godharmicindia @Hanuman Dass @Mahadev dass #loveall #feedall #godharmicindia #godharmic #lucknowcity #lucknow #fooddistribution

Posted by poorvianand at 2023-04-25 06:44:01 UTC