“A child has no attachment. He makes a play house, and if anyone touches it, he will jump about and cry. However, the next moment, he himself will break it. This moment the child may be attached to his cloth, but the next moment you can cajole him away with a toy, leaving the cloth behind. These are the characteristics of sannyasi (renunciate). He may have many materials; couch, paintings, clothes, mobile phone. But any day he may leave all and go off to Benares (Varanasi; holy place).” - Ramakrishna Externally, one may seem a materialist. However internally, all may be offered to the fire of renunciation. Having given up all security in the faith of abundance, the wanderer is like the river; he may use this and that, but is always flowing, so that no dirt in the form of attachment can settle. He may be involved in the world of service; but without doership, offering all fruits of his work as the Self has merged with the Essence. The world as one's home, All as one's family.

Posted by shuchitrainer888 at 2023-04-25 06:39:46 UTC