Praying is to ask God, Meditation is to listen to God. The real obstacles are internal and sometimes we need external obstacles to overcome these. Sometimes suffering is there to learn or purify something. Like the mother loves her child and sometimes corrects it, Sometimes we need correction, But it all happens from love, So that we return in alignment and grow. The only thing I want is to come closer to the essence of Maharajji, Which cannot be found in the physical, But within I feel, And I want to feel him more and more, Till again all ends up with Him. Everytime an obstacle has overcome, a lesson has learned or something is purified, afterwards again His presence is felt deeper. So when suffering is there I don't ask to release it, I can only accept it. I only ask to feel him more and always remember him and feel his presence, And in this way he is answering and helping. To serve and remember under any circumstance, Like Hanuman served Ram, Never worried about himself, But at all times merged with Ram.

Posted by shuchitrainer888 at 2023-04-11 13:33:40 UTC