"The idea here is that one should keep Hanuman and his great qualities constantly in mind. This will automatically bring purity to one’s life, for it will be impossible to think vicious thoughts with Hanuman in one’s mind, it will be impossible to speak vicious, cruel, or dishonest words with Hanuman in one’s mind, and it will be impossible to perform wicked deeds with Hanuman in one’s mind. This purity of thought, word, and deed, frees a person from the afflictions of the world, for it is a key part of the process of transcendence, which, in truth, is the only path to liberation from difficulties. One may endeavor to improve one’s position through various strategies or through ritual worship, and these may achieve some limited success, but ultimately transcendence is the only means of gaining a permanent solution." From Hanuman Chalisa book Dr.Nicholas Sutton & Hanuman Dass

Posted by Dharam Dass at 2020-10-09 16:16:07 UTC