Sadhana as an escape from the cycle of life is not the way, One must develop so much love for the beloved, That one loves to take part in the play, And is held by the hand in every step of the way. Everything is forgotten in remembrance of the beloved. The more one loses oneself in longing, The more body consciousness and the false self cease, While tears flow as its presence grows. Whereas men loses itself in intellect and techniques, The most powerful sadhana is to love, in which the heart melts as all layers are consumed by the flames, To keep the mind on the beloved uninterruptedly in all that is done, And to serve while seeing its reflection in everyone. When there is a bondage of love so strong, The projection cannot anymore pull or entrap, But one is dwelling in the presence of the projector, That lets you enjoy its dance of manifestation while sitting in its lap.

Posted by shuchitrainer888 at 2023-04-08 01:47:51 UTC