Namaste all, I would like to share something with the Go Dharmic community - a challenge I took on 2 weeks ago to raise money for a cause close to my heart. The challenge was to climb to Annapurna base camp, a 5 day expedition, 50km of walking, 8 hours a day reaching an elevation of 4,130m. This all was in aid of supporting a charity called Maiti Nepal, who ensure every girl or woman sex trafficked in Nepal is rescued, supported and given a safe haven. We met the founder of this charity after the trek, Nepal’s activist hero Anuradha Koraila, where we met many of the women and girls she has taken in over the years. It was heart warming to see them thriving in such a supportive, warm community providing better outcomes for their future. The work Maiti Nepal do is just incredible. I can’t quite describe the happiness in the girls’ eyes when we visited; a sense of gratefulness knowing we are showing our solidarity and support by doing what we can to help them fight the fight against this horrendous crime. This is where I ask if any of you are able to donate, the amount doesn’t matter, every £ counts towards the mental, physical and emotional benefit of these women and children. I have volunteered with Go Dharmic earlier this year and the power of community I felt from everyone was immense and made my heart smile. This is why I reach out to you all, charity has no bounds and just like life, we all need each other not knowing how or when we may cross paths in our lifetime. If you’re still reading, thank you. Stand with me and pledge for these woman and children. You can do this by clinking on the link below. Send me a message on Instagram @sunaina__aggarwal if you want more info or want to talk all things trekking! Dhanyavaad 🙏🏼

Posted by Sunaina Aggarwal at 2023-03-20 20:27:28 UTC