INCREDIBLE DHULETI Hindu culture is amazing, festival never ends The next day after Holi is Dhuleti or Dhuli Padvo. Literally, it means throwing of mud, the practice, which had given way to throwing of vermilion as colours At times, the merrymaking lapses into unhindered revelry as youngsters indulge into throwing colours, not only on their friends but also on strangers taking advantage of the permissiveness granted on the occasion. The Tribal Fervour : In the villages of Gujarat, Adivasi men play a martial game known as Gol-Gadheda in which the women after snatching a shoulder scarf from a man, ties it on a tree top with a lump of molasses. It is the job of the man to retrieve it from the tree, which is vigorously guarded by women. The game goes on till one of the men succeeds in securing the bundle. Such is the boundless merrymaking of the day.

Posted by Savan | GD Northampton at 2023-03-07 07:28:26 UTC