How important it is to have a master or a Guru in our lives? First of all, you will have to accept that in order to master any skill you require a teacher who is proficient in that skill. Since he has gained mastery over the subject so his experiences and skill can help us to achieve victory over that subject. Now there are 2 kinds of people – One who wants to try out a path on his own without the help of any master and the result would not be very beneficial and productive. The other who wants to walk on a path by following the steps of his Guru and he is guaranteed definite success. Since I have a Guru in my life I can proudly state that my life has completely transformed because of my Guru. Over here I’m talking about my Spiritual Guru. Now, how has he influenced my life and transformed it is a worthwhile journey. My Guru has given me a secret key to eternal happiness-happiness which will last forever. He has shown me a path of endless joy and happiness which will never be gone. He has shown me a solution to end all my sufferings. When you drive a car and you want to go to an unknown place a GPS is your best guide and it will help you reach your destination smoothly without getting lost. If You are rigid and you do not wish to use a Gps you probably might get lost in an unknown place and it might take you a lot of time reaching your destination, maybe you never even reach it. So in all spheres of life, you need a guide to help you reach your destination. Similarly, a guru is your GPS in your spiritual journey, he will never allow you to get lost and he will help you reach the destination safely and smoothly with wise instructions to follow the path and it’s guaranteed success. But for that, you will first have to surrender before him and believe in him leaving aside all your ego and myths. When you drive the car you believe that the GPS will take you to the right direction so when you can believe when a machine that is programmed can help you reach your direction then why not believe in a Guru who is a realized soul -he will definitely help your soul reach the goal. Jai Gurudev Pujya shri Neeb Karori Maharaj ji

Posted by Mahadev dass at 2023-03-05 06:52:43 UTC