The true foundation of spiritual life is in prayer and meditation. Cultivate your love of meditation. Establish a personal relationship with the impersonal God. When you sit for meditation, you are not really sitting on the floor; your real place of meditation is in the soul Centre and fontanel. If you are really there, you cannot feel the weight of your body. In this way, you will be earning your liberation and experiencing Truth. You will be free from mind, thought, intellect and ego. When your concentration deepens, you will not be watching the breath, but only perceiving the triple divine qualities and feeling love for God. This is your divine addiction. You are to earn your freedom with sincere effort. God has entered from the top of your head, so try to be there always and you will constantly experience the state of freedom and love.

Posted by Mahadev dass at 2023-02-02 19:16:56 UTC