The quality of the heart is that it loves without discrimination, it just loves, it has no boundaries. The mind is continually setting boundaries. 'This is me, this is not me, this is good, this is bad.' The mind is constantly judging, the heart is not judging, the heart is just opening. The heart is without boundaries, so the mind is actually afraid of the heart. That's what the interesting thing is, the battle that goes on in us - you're afraid of your own heart because your heart will give away the store. The heart says, ‘You need my car, you need my house, you need my life, take it.’ And the mind is saying, ‘Now wait a minute. You've got your health insurance to pay, keep cool, don't blow the whole scene.’ So the interesting question is, when and under what conditions can you meet people in such a way that you can keep your heart open without giving up your discriminative wisdom about how to be with another person? - Ram Dass

Posted by Hanuman Dass at 2022-11-27 14:56:52 UTC