Since the terrible floods began across Pakistan, GD volunteers and partners have been working to mobilise food relief efforts in very remote places that are still in need of support. We have together distributed thousands of meals.It is our Dharma to love and extend help to all in need. We are all one human family..May the message of Love and Vasudhaiva kutumbakam be greater than any which seeks to divide.Mahabharata (3.281.34) adrohah sarva-bhuteshu karmana manasa gira anugrahas cha danam cha satam dharmah sanatanahNever displaying malice towards any living being through actions, thoughts or words, acts of kindness, and giving in charity; this is the Sanatana Dharma! #pakistanfloods2022 #sanatandharma

Posted by Go Dharmic at 2022-10-18 06:01:40 UTC