Hi, my name is Krystina “Kiki“ Shakti Siebenaler. My mom‘s name was Dr. Yvette RamRani Rosser. she was a devotee of Neem Karoli Baba after meeting him in 1973 and he gave her the name RamRani. He also gave her the mission to study and work to make India and Hinduism better understood and respected. She passed away last November 20, 2021. We cremated her body in Jageshwar Dham. Her ashes went into the Ganga. Now, I am making a movie about her life and her legacy, but it is also about the hardship of grieving a parent. I miss her so much and I wish so many things had been different. I love you, mom! I know that you’re here with me 💖 We have launched our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and if you feel so moved and are able, please do donate today 🙏 Please make sure that you do receive the confirmation email from indiegogo after you contribute https://igg.me/at/MyRamRani

Posted by kiki.love.productions at 2022-10-13 21:02:15 UTC