Happy San Geronimo Day! When I was a kid, we used to get the day off at Taos Public schools for San Geronimo Day so that we could attend the feast day. Here’s some information about the festivities from https://www.taospueblo.org/news/315-san-geronimo-eve-vespers-san-geronimo-day San Geronimo Eve Vespers & San Geronimo Day On Sept. 29 and 30, Taos Pueblo will celebrate the Pueblo’s patron saint, St. Jerome (San Geronimo), with our "San Geronimo Eve Vespers" and "San Geronimo Day." Taos Pueblo's San Geronimo Feast Day festivities being on Sept. 29 with a sundown dance, followed by Vespers in San Geronimo church. On feast day, there are foot races and the traditional pole climb. Since the event traditionally celebrates harvest, there will be a trade fair with crafts and food for sale. A typical feast day includes "eating, visiting with family, friends and enjoying the traditional dances that are allowed to public spectators. Feast days are an integral part of the Pueblo culture." "All events listed below are religious ceremonies. We ask that you offer the same respect you would in your church at home. No photography is allowed. But you won’t need pictures to remember your Pueblo visit. It will remain in your heart and soul forever." Art by Anais Rumfelt @a_nice_thyme , who is having a an opening tonight at MoMo Taos @momo_taos ( though, this piece is from a drawing challenge she did many years ago and not indicative at all of the artwork you’ll see tonight at the gallery 🧡)

Posted by kiki.love.productions at 2022-09-30 09:07:22 UTC