From a Facebook chat conversation between Ravi Khanna and Annapurna Sydell in 2014: Ravi: “I interpreted Maharaj-ji’s message of “love everyone and feed everyone“ as being the highest form of spirituality to be a message of social justice. It requires of me to continually ask myself if I am being a true and honest instrument of his challenge. I saw the message of “feed everyone“ to be fairly simple. I cooked in the kitchen in Kainchi and Vrndavan; after moving to the US, I went to work at SEVA; then Oxfam. Each place my understanding and analysis developed it was not enough just to feed the body but enable people to feed themselves and live with human dignity. Led me to ask why people were hungry, who created these conditions? What does it really mean to “love and feed everyone”? I have thought about this for most of my life. And continue to judge my life‘s work on those basic simple principles.”🙏

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