Today people of all faiths came together in solidarity with the poor of the world who suffer from climate change. We fasted together, hindu and Muslim, Christian and Jewish, Buddhist and Sikh. We walked from St.Johns Church in Waterloo to Gandhiji's statue. The energy of love and friendship was so heartwarming especially at a time when we see so much violence and hatred. This gathering gave me hope. Hope in non-violence and love. Standing at Gandhiji's feet, we called for Western Governments and major polluters and corporations to do more to address Loss and Damage. We cannot stay quiet whilst Africa starves, while Pakistan is flooded, while India touches 50 degrees. Gandhiji fought for our freedom, now we must fight for nature and the future of generations to come. I was totally unqualified to speak at such an gathering but I know that Love is the strongest medicine. If we care enough we can make at least a small difference. Thank you to everyone who attended. #lossanddamageday #climateaction #nonviolence #makepolluterspay #climatejustice

Posted by Hanuman Dass at 2022-09-22 16:11:52 UTC