Since I discovered sanatana dharma, the principle of ahimsa has become very important in my everyday life and although I had been a vegetarian for many years earlier and always tried to be mindful of my surroundings, I didn't really know why I did these things other than the guilt I felt for doing harm. However, through my discovery of dharma it feels like I have a meaning for every positive action I do, large or small which I never felt I had before and I truly understand why I was a vegetarian and why I cared so much about human and animal rights which is through this principle of ahimsa. the idea that when we do harm to another it as if we are harming ourselves as we are all connected. This is one of the many hindu principles which has really transformed my life and has given me a sense of purpose. everyday I remind myself of this to why I should strive to treat everyone with the most kindness that my heart has to offer. Does anyone else feel the same about ahimsa and practice it in everyday life too? I hope everyone has an amazing day or evening πŸ™ The photo i used was from the Instagram of

Posted by Ollie at 2022-08-30 15:45:00 UTC