"I have worked as a nurse, then midwife, with the NHS for nearly 42 years. During the pandemic, I worked extra shifts vaccinating, where I met a lovely man called Iain. He was a volunteer for Go Dharmic food bank charity, local to me. I had volunteered before at the Glasgow commonwealth games and European championships and enjoyed the experience, so was always keen to do more. I was retiring soon so took his number and began volunteering in March this year. Through the charity I have met wonderful people giving up their time to pack and donate food parcels to those in need. Iโ€™ve returned to the NHS, part time, however giving a few hours, when you can, to a worthwhile cause is so rewarding." -Jacqui, GD Volunteer Glasgow, Scotland Thank you for all that you do, Jacqui. We are grateful to have you with us.๐Ÿ’› Gratitude to all who give their time and efforts to #makeadifference and spread love in the community. #volunteersweek #volunteer #volunteering #thankyou #gratitude #joinus #godharmic #makeadifference #compassioninaction

Posted by Go Dharmic at 2022-06-07 07:00:32 UTC