The world is burning! In India alone there have been record temperatures: Lucknow 47 degrees, Delhi 47 degrees, Agra 45 degrees. We need fast action NOW to avert this. We must plant efficient and weather resistant trees to soak up greenhouse gases, and support local habitats and environments. These healthier habitats will have the subsequent effect of promoting more greenhouse eating plant life. In next 30 days, we will be planting over 70,000 mangrove trees in the Dharma Forest. JOIN US! With just a £10 donation, we can plant and maintain 10 mangroves for 3 years. Donate now to heal our planet and put a stop to these destructive temperatures. ACT Now. Donate Now. To donate, visit the link in bio. To volunteer, 📩 :

Posted by Go Dharmic at 2022-05-19 13:19:43 UTC