On the auspicious day of 151st birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, we are proud to Announce our Virtual Cycling event, the Salt Ride! The Salt ride is a stand for the values Mahatma Gandhi represented. Love, non-violence, peace and social justice. Last year we cycled the incredible 400km+ journey and I hope you will all join us for this years event. You can commit cycle 100km, 200km, or 400km during the month of December and send Go Dharmic your fitness app data. There are some great reasons to join including most importantly raising money to provide food aid to vulnerable people around the world who are struggling to make ends meet for their families. Since the Pandemic began GD has delivered over 2 million meals worth of food aid. 1) Help Feed thousands of people by your ticket fee and fundraising. 2) Get Fit! 3) Join a community of people wanting to make a difference. 4) Receive a medal and certificate. Here is the link to join: https://allevents.in/online/virtual-salt-side/80001757762825?aff=u2ffpf

Posted by Hanuman Dass at 2020-10-02 14:08:22 UTC