Our brother Denis Yurch from Ukraine designed the Go Dharmic Logos more than 10 years ago and has been a part of Go Dharmic for many years. He is a kind, peace loving person who helped us design our platform for compassion in action. Today in his hometown of Kyiv, Ukraine, his family has fled and he is leading the Go Dharmic effort with a group of passionate volunteers helping those in need. They are serving the elderly aswell as civilians haulled up in bombshelters. The spirit of the Ukrainian people in the face of war, surrounded by bombs and gunfire is strong. I will be speaking to him tomorrow to share his perspective and the work we are doing together with you all. I never imagined I would be talking to him under these circumstances but we can do something to help. We are fundraising to support the team in Ukraine with humanitarian and civilian support on the ground in Kyiv and also sending aid to refugees on the Border with Romania. We are providing:- Medical aid Food Supplies Sanitry products Blankets & Clothing PPE Thank you to all who are moved to offer support. Let's do everything we can to spread love. #ukraine #UkraineCrisis #BeAChampion #godharmic #russia #RussiaUkraine #war If you would like to help us raise funds this weekend, please comment below.. We are holding a 36 Hour fundraiser and are looking for CHAMPIONS to join the effort. Love.

Posted by Hanuman Dass at 2022-03-02 22:20:15 UTC