Today is the United Nations International Day for the Awareness of Food Loss and Waste. Around 1/3 of food produced globally goes to waste every year, and with food inequality and security so low, we believe there are a few things we can do to help stop this huge waste. Our volunteers in the UK collect food from supermarkets that would otherwise be thrown away, and redistribute it to those in need. On average we collect about 200KG of food a week, and our beneficiaries are always very grateful for the help! If you’d like to collect food from a supermarket near you and redistribute it to people in need, please drop me a message! #food #foodwaste #foodwastewarriors #recycle #sustainableliving #sustainable #love #foodinsecurity #foodinequality #uk #london #luton

Posted by Nikita | Go Dharmic at 2020-09-29 09:22:38 UTC