Thank you, Jaspar Foundation, for supporting for our upcoming fundraiser on the 6th- 7th March 2022. This will help us to expand our mission through our campaigns, including #FeedEveryone, #GoGreen, #ShapeAFuture and many more.Mr Raj Pankhania, Founder, Jaspar Foundation, shared, “Our vision is to alleviate hardship and enhance life opportunities. We aim to empower a brighter future, and we believe that small acts of kindness, multiplied by millions of people, transform into brighter futures. With this in mind, we are wholeheartedly supporting Go Dharmic as a Match Funder on their March 2022 £1m virtual fundraising campaign to improve lives positively. From mobilising food donations to running education programmes, Go Dharmic is making a huge difference to populations around the world and Jaspar Foundation is super proud to be a part of this global philanthropic effort.”

Posted by Go Dharmic at 2022-02-23 09:00:45 UTC