Over the last 3 days i have been blessed to see and appreciate the love given and recieved from our beneficiaries in Ahmedabad through our Love All Feed All Serve All campaign at Go Dharmic. The team in Go Dharmic India has been very welcoming witj special thanks go Mahendra Singh Bhadouria and Mayank Bhadouria for going out of their way to ensure even my smallest needs were met as i joined the team for sewa from UK. These small acts of compassion, act of giving, talking to passers by explaining how our NGO works and to see the work behind the scenes encompasses the values that we as an organisation and our volunteers adhere too Special thanks to Hanuman Dass and Go Dharmic Northampton team including Ratna, for ensuring Distributions continued in Northampton whatever the weather @ratnaruss108 @mahendra bhadouria @MAYANK @Hanuman Dass

Posted by Savan | GD Northampton at 2022-02-23 04:19:37 UTC