Dear friends A few of us volunteers have been supporting Go Dharmic and the Food Share scheme. We collect the food and distribute it to  volunteer teams who cook and make sandwiches for distribution to the vulnerable people. We get fresh high-quality organic vegan & non vegan pure sourdough bread made by an artisan baker two to three times a week.  Sometimes we have excess bread and rather than this quality bread going in the bin we would rather distribute it to friends and family for their personal consumption. We ask for a voluntary donation of £1-2 per loaf as a contribution which will go to We are organising collection points in Northwood, Kenton and Harrow Weald and will keep you informed of when and where you can collect by creating a Bread Whatsapp group. Please do not share this message unless it is your immediate contact.  If you are interested, please contact Laxmi 07740258076 Or Mila on 07962255975  for further details.  

Posted by Mila at 2020-09-28 16:27:27 UTC