This photo really moved me. See the children... They have no socks, no shoes, it is absolutely freezing cold up there in the Himalayas. This photo was taken as we were developing this location. Until we got them some desks they were sat on the cold floor. Still no books, damp walls, poor teacher training. Many of them are coughing with respiratory infections after walking across mountains for two hours just to get to school. How can these kids get a fair go at the game of life without real support? I see myself in the young boy looking at the camera. I looked a bit like him as a kid and think what makes me and my children so different. I like many of you, have had the economic advantage of being born or living in the West and into a hardworking family. That privilege comes with a moral responsibility, a duty, to do absolutely everything we can to help others. While the developed world has caused catastrophic climate damage, much of the Global South is still without basic facilities. Let's not line the pockets of already rich corporates and instead invest in shaping futures, protecting our Environment, relieving suffering and feeding those in need. For me, Dharma is about widening our circle of Love and compassion and at Go Dharmic we are standing up for these children and other important causes. Whether Disaster relief, food aid or promoting non-violence, love is the need of the hour. This March 6th we are holding a virtual fundraiser and looking for 500 CHAMPIONS to join us and help fundraise as much as we can over 36 Hours! I can't wait for us to work together and make a tremendous difference together to the lives of these children and thousands of others. If you are happy to be a champion and help us reach our Goal please give us a thumbs up πŸ‘ or let me know in the chat below and one of the GD team can help coordinate. #BeAChampion

Posted by Hanuman Dass at 2022-02-06 22:10:09 UTC