"A lighthouse doesn't save the ships; it doesn't go out and rescue them, it's just this pillar that helps to guide people home." - Lea Michele Two weeks ago, I was counselling a psychologist from India. She was very upset about a lot of things that had happened to her. I could totally understand and when we discussed what happened, I asked her to connect with her heart. I invited her to ask her heart for the best answers to what was happening in her life right now. The next week, she shared that so much had changed for the better and some huge changes had happened. She had also been able to stay mindful all week and not be so reactive. She had become more the observer of her thoughts and had more faith in her heart's wisdom. I have found that when people are able to add joy, love, ease, trust and relaxation to their experience of life, it changes their frequency and their whole experience. They feel themselves 'lighter and higher' in energy and often notice that the Universe starts to respond accordingly. Have you ever experienced this yourself too? My awareness is like my Lighthouse. It guides me home to my heart, to my core. That's where my compass is. Many people are struggling at this moment to stay connected with their hearts due to a lot of worries and uncertainties. We all know that worrying doesn't solve anything. So, what can we do instead? Choose thoughts deliberately Respond with discernment Remind yourself that you are your own Guru, which is basically love and wisdom. From that place, help others to find their own place within. Be of service As a coach, I believe that we can all be a Lighthouse for others. We can be a light for them when things get to 'stormy' out there, so they can come home to themselves - to their hearts, to their compass. The place where joy, love, answers and calmness are already there. #consciousness #consciousworldagents #lighthouse #compassion #compass

Posted by Claudia van Zuiden at 2022-01-13 09:13:31 UTC