"Stay in your innate frequency of love, kindness, good-heartedness, whatever you want to call it, and see how your outer-world will match your vibration." It is simple, perhaps not easy, but worth experimenting with. Notice what will be different when you are able to maintain aligned with this state of equilibrium in your daily life. Be wisely observing the situations you find yourself in - when there is danger, make safe changes accordingly. I am talking here more about situations that could trap you into an energy that is not yours. Here you have a choice. You either join that frequency that is trying to distract you from being at peace, or you stay on a level of awareness which won't let the distractions interfere with your innate state of being. That's where the Freedom that you are looking for, starts. No retreat in the Himalayas is needed to discover that. What you are seeking, is already here, wherever you are. You just needs to become more aware of this. Become more familiar with this state of being. And then know that you always have a choice to choose where you bring your awareness to. Whatever you give attention grows. Repeat this a few times and experiment with it. Remember that you can spread Love and Kindness everywhere and every time - that is a conscious choice. ✨

Posted by Claudia van Zuiden at 2021-12-08 08:55:07 UTC