It's easy to forget the importance of toilets when they are common, yet billions of people live without one. Without proper sanitation facilities, human waste can find its way into food and water supplies. Faeces contaminated water is estimated to be consumed by over 2 billion people and is a significant reason for spreading cholera and dysentery. As well as public health, the lack of toilets is a gender inequality issue. Many girls have to take time off school whilst menstruating due to the lack of sanitation facilities. This last year, Go Dharmic has built 12 sanitation facilities in the Government schools of Assam & West Bengal, India. This was done in collaboration with the ONGC and has benefitted public health and school attendance. 'When we started working at poor schools, I saw the toilets and knew we had to do something to improve these conditions for our children.'- @Hanuman Dass

Posted by Go Dharmic at 2021-11-19 07:20:58 UTC