Control Something is happening in your life that you cannot control. Nothing whatever you say or do seems to make a difference. Do you recognise this? Most of us will have experienced something like this or are currently experiencing it. Check up the effects it has on you when you want to control these kind of situations. Are you tensing up? Are you worried or panicking? In most situations as such, we might freeze. And/or we might have already experienced the 'fighting and/or flighting-responses' in these circumstances many of times. Still, whatever we did, nothing made a difference. I have personally experienced this myself on a few occasions and found it to be an awful, exhausting feeling. So, what helped me to cope in those kind of situations - what stopped me not to completely freak out, to give up? Going within. And surrendering. Acknowledging what was happening. Not necessarily accepting. Trusting. Trusting that somehow there is something larger than what I can comprehend that this needs to happen. Being Love. Looking at what I can do, coming from Love. Going towards something rather than against. This truly helped and still helps me. Breathing. Being still at times. Being open. Staying curious. Listening. Noticing. Keeping aware of signs that pop up. Meditating on them. During meditation some answers might come into the awareness that we could never had considered otherwise. And then there is the One big thing that is the jewel on the crown: Letting go and letting God/ Universe/ Spirit. Meaning that deep within us, we know that the answers will come. Clarity will come. Knowing that somehow you are being held by Love, in Love. That's the ultimate space of surrender. It doesn't mean that you will have to accept everything what's happening. You can acknowledge what's happening and then from that deep space within move towards what resonates rather than fighting against it. Miracles happen. All the time.

Posted by Claudia van Zuiden at 2021-11-17 07:57:08 UTC