There is a stigma attached to gifting secondhand! But while we are blindly following this rule of gifting only brand new items to our loved ones, let's have a look at few perks for pre-loved gifting! 🎁 ➡️ Its good for the environment! ➡️ Second hand gifts can be really unique ➡️ Second hand gifting are more affordable. ➡️ Second hand gifting limits support of exploitative consumption systems. ➡️ It reduces waste generation by encouraging a circular economy! ➡️ They feel extra special because of the amount of time and thought behind them. Buy pre-loved gifting items at our online store, through the following link or visit one of our stores at Essex Store: Mayflower House, 128a High Street, Billericay, CM12 9YB. Slough Store: Good Karma Store: Observatory Shopping Centre, Slough SL1 1LN.

Posted by helly at 2021-11-11 16:34:16 UTC