*THOUGHTS ON GRATITUDE* We feel grateful for many things. The umpteen blessings of God which can never be counted, or repaid back. So we simply thank him. But every time we praise him, it becomes incumbent to add 1 more praise. In this way, praise of him can never finish. Gratitude for our family, friends, & supporters through whom we get financial, & emotional support. Thanks to them can be expressed verbally, or through the exchange of gifts. Gifts increase friendship. We feel grateful that we are blessed with our sustenance & don’t have to beg from anyone. The one who does not show his hand of need to others will often find God taking care of his needs. Our gratefulness lies for our good health before disease will eventually set in. So this good health is the time to invest in virtue. It also lies in the fact that we seek to cultivate good character. Good deeds are the best treasure. Speak kindly, help others - this itself is a form of expressing gratitude. Our faith in God’s justice ( karma ) makes us mindful of not doing evil, speaking ill, or cheating others. When we refrain from wrong, we accept with resignation the destiny fate has ordered for us. This resignation to fate is the key to bearing hardships with patience. Gratitude is a very deep concept. It is a source of blessings. The one with less complaints, & more acceptance of his fate feels content. Gratitude is the food of contentment. There can be no contentment without gratitude. Happy Gratitude Day ( Monday ) !

Posted by Deleted (d1fa5149) at 2020-09-14 05:28:36 UTC