A few quotes from Ram Dass about social action - "To say that everybody who is more conscious must be politically active is naïve, as far as I'm concerned, because a society is an extremely complex and exquisite organism, and it takes all kinds of parts to make it beautiful." "Just because you march on City Hall doesn't make you an effective political activist. Christ and Buddha were both effective political activists, each in his own way. I think we have to acknowledge that there are a variety of strategies in this game of life. And it isn't good guys and bad guys—it's just individual difference." "When we see any kind of injustice in the world, if we are attached to anger about it, or are attached to it being any other way, we are at one level perpetuating the polarization even as we are working to end it." Blessings! Ram Ram!

Posted by Dharam Dass at 2021-10-25 16:39:54 UTC