"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.” – Edgar Allan Poe I used to have a poster on the wall in the kitchen with this quote on it. It was always a good point of contemplation and of discussion. It is fascinating how our perception defines how we experience our reality. Some might see a cup with some water in it as being half empty, some see it half full, some are just happy that they have a cup and water, some don't see the cup at all. Who's right? It all depends on our perception, mood, conditioning, beliefs etc. how we perceive all that we encounter and experience. We can choose to put different glasses on sometimes and explore if our previous perception was really true. When we start to recognise that our reality is an illusion, we might as well choose to look through glasses that keeps the outlook and experience more positive. Why? Because it benefits you and those that are near you, mentally, emotionally and physically. Experiment When you find yourself stuck in a thought that brings your mood down, imagine that you put glasses on that will look at the positive instead. How does this affect you? Where else could you apply this in your life? #perception #reality #consciousworldagents

Posted by Claudia van Zuiden at 2021-10-20 19:51:45 UTC