happy dussehra 🎉🎊 "Serve All"- Neem Karoli Baba "Maharajji" The following is a beautiful verse from the Ramayana which presents the essence of India’s timeless wisdom: "Nothing is impossible to attain in this world for those who have others’ interest at heart. You may now depart for my Supreme abode. What shall I give you? All your desires have already been fulfilled, thanks to your good deeds,” Lord Ram tell Jatayu. (the Ramayana) परहित बस जिन्ह के मन माहीं । तिन्ह कहुँ जग दुर्लभ कछु नाहीं ॥ तनु तजि तात जाहु मम धामा । देउँ काह तुम्ह पूरन कामा ॥ In fact, all the scriptures highlight that helping others is the greatest service or seva while harming others is the worst sin. “Service to mankind is service to God” is a common refrain in all ancient scriptures. Humans are born with a heart that is endowed with love and compassion. In fact, empathy, love, care and service are innate qualities that make a human being. The very term ‘human’ denotes a charitable person for a humanitarian is one who serves other living beings. God exists within us all; so when we serve His children, we also serve Him. Mystics tell us to serve with a loving heart. Selfless service or seva is a dharma or duty and not a favour. In fact, by doing seva we do ourselves a favour. Jai Gurudev ram ram to all😊😊

Posted by Mahadev dass at 2021-10-14 19:12:15 UTC