Your motivation is the fuel for your intention. Intention is a cognitive state that 'intends to do something'. For this we need mental awareness. Motivation is the energy that is the drive to make it happen. If the motivation is low, most likely the intention is not going to come into fruition. A motivation that runs on a subconscious level indicates that we are not aware of our motivation. This is why when we start our meditation for example, we check up on our motivation to do the meditation. Doing this sets the tone and the quality for the practice. When we meditate to tick the box saying that we want every day to practice five minutes of meditation or when we meditate to become more familiar with who we are and with our habits/patterns and to make changes to the unhelpful thoughts and patterns, the quality of the meditation will most likely be different. The effects we will experience will also be different. This also applies to when we do something for others. We might have the intention to do something for others and might not be fully aware of the motivation behind it. This motivation will be the fuel or we could say, the energy, behind our actions. But are we aware of the drive/desire that is behind our actions? Here's an experiment to try: Next time when you offer to be of service to others, check up the motivation behind the offer. Do you offer it selflessly or is there a 'what's in it for me' attitude behind it? Feel out if there a difference in the feeling inside of you when you think of both? Which one gives you a sense of freedom? How do you think the other will experience your offer in both cases? There is a no right or wrong here, just an increased awareness around our intentions. See if you can keep your motivation clear for this week and check up how you feel afterwards. #motivation #intention

Posted by Claudia van Zuiden at 2021-10-14 14:47:27 UTC