Until the goverment starts to penalise fast fashion brands and retailers for having shady practices, innoring acts such as the modern slavery act - which was put in place to protect actual human people from being mistreated, overworked and underpayed - we will continue to see these same brands come up ways to greenwash us and lead the general population to believe that their latest "sustainable campaign" is woderful and doing something good. Want to help? Look for companies who are ethical in their methods and will be transparent about them when you're buying clothes. Follow the new trend, ask #whomademyclothes to retailers and fashion brands Educate those around you and share blogs like these about sustainable businesses and methods to help others understand the harm done by purchasing a few dollars worth of clothing that they will only wear a few times before discarding. Start now, because #itmatters Resources: Snapnationuk

Posted by sreyaallada at 2021-10-09 18:32:56 UTC