Namaste all.  Tomorrow we have a wonderful session at 11am British Standard Time. Claudia will kindly be sharing guiding principles for a good life, many of which overlap with Go Dharmic principles and we will explore how this can potentially form the basis for a future Go Dharmic course.  If anyone would like to join please message @Jessica | GD HR Manager for details. Our speaker is Claudia Van Zuiden is an active member of the FDCW accreditd community delivering workshops regularly internationally. She is also the founder of Solution Ways - a holistic solution focused practice for wellness, performance and wellbeing. Claudia delivers workshops in English and Dutch. Her work includes being a life coach, solution focused therapist, corporate wellbeing- and performance consultant and Yoga teacher. "I apply the 16G in all the aspects of my work and in my daily life and find the tools extremely helpful. I aspire to continue to share this framework of heart- and mindtools with people who would like to develop and integrate a simple, yet complex, system of ethical and practical skills that promote wellbeing and positive relationships. Due to applying the 16G in their lives, I have seen people developing positive relationships and have evidence in measurable progress in both business and work performances." @Claudia van Zuiden

Posted by Hanuman Dass at 2021-09-30 21:18:42 UTC