It's Wednesday 🀩 which means it's time to welcome our new members joining us this week !! #welcomewednesday Hello πŸ‘‹ to all our new members who have joined the GD community. Let's connect and break the ice! Please start by introducing yourself in a dedicated post in the SAY HI group (on your activity feed) and tell us a little bit about yourself and from where are you joining! 🀩 Let us all work together to #makeadifference πŸ™πŸ» @apswamiss @amitaryuuk @Subodh Pandit @patelser96 @Emily @jensmuhlert @adranderwala @swagatoadhikary3 @singhdaljeet700 @ratnesh.a @Makwanabhavik @mailmebandanamondal759 @Deep paik @shuvajitmandal456 @nkrishnendu178 @mondalnilay50 @sumonsarkar0358 @Arpan mandal @sangeetmondal @Dwaipayan Saha @pihuroy386 @Arka(devil69) Feel free to reach out if you need any help 😊

Posted by Sneha | App Host at 2021-09-29 20:05:26 UTC