✨ When we start the day with setting a pure intention - we open ourselves up to infinite possibilities that are aligned with our true purpose. Since I started to apply this practice daily, miracles have presented themselves in unexpected ways, from being surrounded by unconditional love and having an inner strength and focus to pursue the things I feel I want to contribute to Life. Often, spontaneously, during the days, a strong sense of gratitude arrises naturally from the heart, and I feel that this is the expression, in a most humbling way, to honour the abundance that has been given. Practicing the Attitude of Gratitude offers everything from the heart without expecting anything and opens up the possibility of infinite gifts from the infinite Source. Gratitude is the foundation for reciprocity - it is Selfless and connects with the Circle of Life and all that is part of it for the past, the now and the future. Gratitude binds everything ✨ Experiment Take a few moments today to check in with your intentions for today's actions and for what are you already grateful for?

Posted by Claudia van Zuiden at 2021-09-10 07:37:05 UTC