How is your week going so far?? Well, ours just got brighter 🤩 Because we have new members joining us this week!! 🎉 It's #welcomewednesday and I wanna say HELLO to all our new members👋🏻 Let's get to know eachother! Please connect with the community and tell us a little bit about yourself by introducing yourself in the SAY HI group on your community feed. What made you join the community? How would you like to contribute or help to #makeadifference ? Can't wait to connect with you all! 🤗 @pinkooprashant @janinewoodcroft @lbelle147 @Amy Ingold @keerti.modi @jackymacky2000 @savita909 @sona120 @Nitin @deepaharish5 @basudevbar2 @Manoj

Posted by Sneha | App Host at 2021-09-08 10:12:15 UTC