Hi there, JSK 🙏🏾. I’m Hetal, new to GD but have been following the fantastic work on social media. I’m married to a lovely chap and we have two amazing kids. Having grown up in a community that was very connected culturally and spiritually, I’m looking for something similar for myself and for my family to be involved with. I’m a doctor by profession and strongly believe physical, mental and spiritual well-being are crucial to a successful and harmonious life. This can be achieved by working together in our communities and getting the basics right, such as addressing child & food poverty, ensuring a safe environment for all to live in and being there for one another. Thank you @Sneha | App Host for reaching out and welcoming me. I look forward to connecting with rest of the GD family 🙏🏾

Posted by hetz2001 at 2021-08-27 13:39:15 UTC